• What is Hirael's flood control plan in Bangor?

    Plans have been submitted to build a new 600-metre coastal defence to help protect Bangor from future sea level rise. With Hirael’s existing protection described as “limited” – the only formal defences in the area are sea walls “in various states of disrepair” ...
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  • Installation and Maintenance of Gabion Net Installation and Maintenance of Gabion Net

    nstallation of gabion net: Gabion nets are intended to be installed by experienced general builders or contractors. The builder or contractor needs to have experience with this type of product, and it can be installed under normal site conditions.   Maintenance and repair of gabion net Gabio...
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  • Gabion drop structure to establish natural bottom open channel drainage

    El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in Irvine, California was built in 1942.A mixed open culvert was constructed at the top of Agua Chinon Creek for the construction of runways and roads to assist base operations.The base was subsequently decommissioned and sold for development.The plan includes the...
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  • Welded Wire Mesh Fence

    Barbed wire and mesh fencing are ideal ways to temporarily separate parts of your garden.Whether you’re finishing work or creating a new lawn area, orange fences are a great way to keep pets and small children away.Waiting for the perfect wooden driveway gate?Use a mesh fence to mark the bo...
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  • The easy way to build a retaining wall: leave the concrete in the bag, stack it like legos, wet it with a hose

    Building a retaining wall the traditional way (above) is no easy task.So DIYers came up with an interesting trick: instead of messing around with mortar, they flattened the walls like LEGO bricks, using concrete while in the bag. That’s right, the idea is that you don’t open the pac...
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