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  • How do we pack the gabion box or reno mattress?

    We put together 50-100 units of wire mesh gabion cages - the unit of each bundle is not fixed, depending on the unit weight. We produce a bundle of about 1 ton, so you can easily load and unload with a forklift. After the boxes are bound together, they need to be moved under the press machines wi...
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  • Strength of the gabion mesh

    Strength of the gabion mesh 1 When installed in accordance with our installation guide, the product has sufficient strength to resist all loads related to handling, positioning and filling. 2 For soil reinforcement applications, the declared tensile strength of the gabion mesh is based on: BS EN ...
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  • The Gabion Basket Box Advantage

    The Gabion Basket Box Advantage: Flexibility: Flexibility is an important benefit of any gabion structure. The double-twist hexagonal mesh construction permits it to tolerate differential settlement without fracture. This property is especially important when a structure is on unstable soil condi...
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