3D Triangle bending fence&welded wire mesh fence&wire mesh fence

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3D Triangle bending fence panels an economical version of the panel system,
constructed from a Welded Wire Fence with longitudinal profiles that forms a rigid fence.Due to its simple structure ,easy installation and nice appearance,more and more customers regard this product as the preferred common protective fence.

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Production details

3D Triangle bending fence panels an economical version of the panel system,
constructed from a Welded Wire Fence with longitudinal profiles that forms a rigid fence.Due to its simple structure ,easy installation and nice appearance,more and more customers regard this product as the preferred common protective fence.

1. Material:PVC coated wire, galvanized wire, high quality low carbon steel wire.
3. Color: yellow,green,white etc.
4. Surface treatment: Galvanized, PVC coated, PE powder coated
5. Features: It has strong Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance, artistic and practical.

Common specifications

Hot-dip galvanized / PVC Coated Welded mesh garden fence
Fence Panel Material Low carbon steel wire
Wire diameter 3.0mm ~ 6.0mm;
Opening(mm) 50X100,50X120,50X150,50X200,75X150,75X200
Height 0.8 ~ 2.0m; less than 4.0m is available
Width 2m ~ 3.0m
Panel Type With or without curves are both available as request.
Fence Post Square post 50mmx50mm, 60mmx60mm, 40mmx60mm,
Round Post 48mm, 60mm
Peach Post 50mmx70mm, 70mmx100mm
Post thickness 1.2 mm to 2.5mm
Post Height 0.8m ~ 3.5m
Post Base With or without the base flange are both available.
Post Fittings Post clips with Bolts and nuts, post rain cap,
Fence Finishing 1. Hot-dip Galvanized
2. PVC powder spraying coated or PVC powder dipping coated
3. Galvanized +PVC powder spraying/dipping coated
Packing 1) With pallet; 2)Bulk in container.
The customization is also available.

Process of 3D fence

Raw material—Wire drawing—Straighten—Welding—Bending—Electro galvanized/Hot dipped galvanized— Parkerizing— PVC coated/Sprayed—Packing—Shipment

Feature of 3D fence

1. Several mesh styles are available and all post designs use tamper proof fixings;
2. Easy set up or install and transportation saves time and labor costs;
3. Attractive and sturdy fence panels;
4. Durable construction can withstand years of abuse in outdoor settings;
5. Weather proof, corrosion resistance and alkali resistance.

Application of 3D fence

Airports,Commercial sites,Factories and warehouses,Gardens,Hospitals,Military sites,Parks,Playgrounds,public buildings,Railway stations,Recreation,Schools,Sports stadiums
The fence looks nice, has high security, the reasonable latitude and longitude design, strong perspective feeling and avoids the clumsiness of traditional fence. The wire fence has rich colors and is easy to install and good against climbing.

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